Polishing and polishing your motorcycle: How to proceed?

When you clean your motorcycle, it may get micro-scratches or stains, which can sometimes seem quite difficult to remove. To get rid of these, you will need a polish. However, the latter should be used with great care, since it is an abrasive product. You should therefore absolutely know that you should never use motorcycle polish on plastic, as there is a high risk of damaging it.

How to use motorcycle polish?

First and foremost, you will first need to make sure your motorcycle is clean. This is essential if you want to polish it properly and you will need the best car polisher for that. Indeed, by rubbing your two-wheeler while dirt is still there, you run a very high risk of creating new scratches on different areas. Also, washing your motorcycle well is not enough. It should also be completely dry for best results. As you will have understood, there is no question of polishing your motorcycle in the rain! Also avoid doing this in humid weather or when it is too hot.

What are the steps to polish your motorcycle?

To polish your motorcycle, the first step is obviously to provide yourself with motorcycle polish. Then, using a cloth, apply it in small circular motions. Take care to do this as gently as possible, to avoid damaging the body of your motorcycle or forming new scratches. After coating the body of your motorcycle with the polish, you will very quickly see a kind of white film appear on the area (s) you have treated. Whether it’s your car or your motorcycle maintenance , know that you should always keep a  microfiber cloth  with you, especially for polishing.

The application of the polishing product

The polishing of your motorcycle is indeed very important, because it will allow your vehicle to shine brilliantly. But how do you apply this polish to your motorcycle? Once you have applied the microfiber cloth to the polish veil, the use of a polish product is particularly recommended. You will therefore need to apply this type of product to the same surfaces where you used polish. 
After making gentle, circular movements with a simple cloth, then use a microfiber cloth. It will be with this cloth that you will finalize the application of the polishing products. If you follow these tips well, your motorcycle will shine like never before.

Why use a motorcycle polish?

There are several advantages to using a polish product . First of all, it makes your two-wheeler shine like never before. But that’s not all, because this product also prevents any dirt or impurities from clinging to the various surfaces of your motorcycle. Then, if you happen to go out in the rain with your motorcycle, know that the rain will slide on the frame of your vehicle without even staining it. This will make your cleanings easier, you can even space them out more than usual. Note, however, that polishing followed by buffing should generally not be done more than twice a year, this may depend on the range of products you use.

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